There is nothing I enjoy more than communicating the incredible insights that psychology has to offer to people who can directly benefit from them. With more than 15 years of clinical experience supported by continued work within the academy, I draw on cutting-edge research and experience in this field. I firmly believe that contemporary psychoanalytic thinking (often called “depth psychology”) needs to boldly venture out of the consultation room and university campuses into the public realm.

As an international speaker I have engaged with audiences from a wide variety of backgrounds about the things that most concern them, offering them psychological insights that they can use to engage with their own lives – whether that’s personally, with their families, or in their organisations. I have literally written the book on the psychodynamics of social media, and have a particular interest in how that, and other emerging technologies, affect our psychological and emotional lives today.

From university campuses to tech conferences and from the halls of industry to the Third Sector, I create engaging and exciting material fit for the purpose of any given audience. Referred to by Newsweek Magazine as a 21st Century professional, I draw on the best that my profession has to offer in the context of a modern world.

My speaking engagements are handled by Nick Gold at Speaker’s Corner, so please send any public speaking requests to:

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