I am highly experienced media contributor offering serious psychological insight both in a consultative and participative capacity. I have proven skills in delivering authentic and accessible psychological insights without dumbing them down to a variety of different audiences.

I believe it is incumbent on those producing media programmes to be psychologically responsible and ethical. Whether you are creating a factual programme in which you interview real people, a drama that addresses sensitive issues, or a “reality” programme in which individuals are asked to publically confront difficult situations, it is necessary to have psychological support and/or consultation.

Having experience both behind and in front of the camera/microphone I am well placed to advise programme-makers on both the potential risks and opportunities that arise in the creation of a project. This can involve anything from a one-off conversation in which risks and opportunities are discussed and analysed, to an ongoing relationship in which I offer support throughout a project.

I am also available for expert comment on psychology and mental well-being in response to breaking news or stories of interest. I am an experienced writer contributing both to print and online media.

Please direct your media enquiries to:

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