After more than fifteen years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist and about a decade an academic in my field, I have been moved to take the amazing insights from psychology and psychotherapy out of the consultation room and the academy and bring them to people, culture, and technology. In addition to my clinical work as a psychotherapist and supervisor, I am an author, media contributor, consultant, and international speaker to a wide variety of audiences.

As a psychological consultant for the media, I have advised and contributed to a variety of projects that aim to bring quality mental health content to programming for young people and adults alike. I have been an “agony uncle” for many years for both CBBC and BBC Radio 1 – online, on the radio, and on television. I offer front-of-camera/microphone expert opinion for a wide variety of television and radio productions including BBC Worldwide, BBC 3, and BBC Learning, and backstage psychological consultation for programme makers interested in high quality psychological programming.

Drawing from my experience working with young people directly in schools and further and higher education, as well as offering advice to them through a variety of media, I published an illustrated children’s self help book Keep Your Cool: how to deal with life’s worries and stress which is widely used in schools and in private homes around the world.

Fascinated by developments in contemporary culture, I seek to understand it better by using ideas from contemporary psychoanalysis. I explore these ideas regularly through my blog, and my book: The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: connected up instantaneous culture and the self.

I am the director of Stillpoint Spaces UK, the London based hub of an international organisation devoted to sharing ideas from depth psychology widely and with integrity. Stillpoint Spaces International is very much engaged in investigating and using technology in ways that increase relating and community building and does this by way of encouraging both online and offline events across the world. Our London premises are currently in development.